About artist

The artist’s word: “Each artist, participating in competitions and exhibiting their work in art galleries, hopes for a high assessment of their work. I am no exception. However, although my works usually win prizes in various competitions, this is of secondary importance for me. The main thing for me is that I do what I love and that my family, friends and students in Russia and France love and support me. For me, as an artist, it is important that I can share my emotions, convey my feelings, capture something beautiful that I meet over the course of my life, without using words. Just canvas, brushes and bright colors-and you already see the world through my eyes!”

Artist, member of The Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Member of Eurasian Art Union.

Studied at the “Moscow state art-industrial Academy. of S. G. Stroganov», class-workshops of the ART Academy “Stroganov’s traditions” in the academic painting.

Teachers and mentors:

Academician of the Academy of Art and Culture, Professor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Art History Kozorezenko P. P. (Senior),

 Honorary member of the Russian Academy of arts, honored artist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Art History, Professor, associate member of The International Academy of Science Kozorezenko P. P. (Junior),

Member of the Union of Russian Artists, artist, teacher Panov E. E.

The main direction in the artist’s work is genre painting. Other areas of interest are still life, landscape, and portrait. The artist painted portraits of colleagues, friends, relatives, famous actors and musicians.

Participant of Russian and international exhibitions and competitions. The artist’s paintings are in private collections in Russia and abroad. Photos of the artist’s paintings are published in the catalogues of exhibitions and competitions.

Career of the artist Yulia Mizyak.

Yulia began to show interest in painting as a little girl. During drawing lessons at school, Yulia got her first knowledge of the variety of genres and various drawing techniques, and great importance was attached to life-drawing. But the turning point in her development as an artist, Yulia considers acquaintance with a professional artist Valery Ivanov at the age of twenty. It was he who gave Yulia her first canvas, oil paints and a set of brushes. And it was from then on, that Yulia really and wholeheartedly fell in love with drawing. Valery highly appreciated the creativity of the young artist.
In parallel, Yulia graduated from the University with the degree in management. She worked as a top Manager in a large company and spent all her free time painting.
Yulia has been improving her skills as an artist for a long time by attending master classes of professional artists. In addition, the artist actively participated in exhibitions, including in the Central house of artists in Moscow, where her works won prizes. The Central house of artists is one of the largest exhibition venues in Moscow, where exhibitions, competitions and fairs of contemporary art are held annually.
This is what prompted Yulia to enter the Stroganov Moscow state Academy of industrial and applied arts, get additional art education and successfully complete it.
Yulia paints in various genres, but mostly in the genre of impressionism and prefers oil paints to all others. In her works, the artist uses mostly bright colors that draw the eye and raise the spirits.

The highlight of Yulia’s work is a series of paintings of flowerheads. One spring, Yulia looked at her garden and saw various flowers dazzling everywhere and heard the amazing singing of birds. She experienced an extraordinary feeling of happiness.

This inspired her to write “flower” paintings in an exclusive technique invented by the artist herself. Each painting conveys a creation of nature: a unique and magnificent flower. The paintings have become beloved for their bright colors, which give their owners a feeling of joy and good mood.

“Floral” paintings fit perfectly into the interiors of private houses. Yulia collaborates with interior designers, and on-demand draws pictures to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, and large kitchens, newly purchased or renovated homes, townhouses, and condos.

Yulia also likes to paint animals, especially the cat family. She likes their look, plasticity, grace, beauty and at the same time cunning. Julia painted portraits of lions, cheetahs, tigers, cougars, lynxes, and caracals.

Now Yulia resides in a picturesque village not far from Moscow. She is a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. All family members always help and support the artist in her work. She also adores two mischievous Labradors who never let everyone in her family get bored. The portrait of one of them was painted by the artist and is in the family collection .
The artist’s paintings are in many private collections in Russia, France, USA and Canada.
The artist takes an active part in international exhibitions, competitions, and fairs. Visitors like the artist’s paintings. Yulia has regular admirers of her work, who constantly visit exhibitions with her participation.
In 2020, by the decision of her Art Manager, the artist entered the American art market.
In October 2020, 10 paintings of the artist were sent to the United States (California) to participate in the California dream exhibition. A competitive selection of winners was held from November 22 to 26. Experts gave a high assessment to the work of the artist. Also, several of the paintings had been engaged by the gallery in New Port Beach (California). Art Event took place on 28 May 2022, USA, California, Newport Beach.


  • 27.12.2017-07.01.2018 (winter), Moscow, Central house of artists, Russian Cup of Artwork, places 1,1,2,2,3,3. photos…
  • 9-15.04.2018(spring), Moscow, Exhibition center of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts, Russian Art Cup.
  • 2018 (spring), Moscow, Stroganov’s Moscow state art-industrial Academy, “The Universe-nature-human being”.
  • 23-29. 04. 2018 (spring), Moscow, Russian art week, XXIV international exhibition and competition of contemporary art.
  • 02-10. 05. 2018 (spring), Moscow, Russian art Award.
  • December 13-15, 2019 (winter), Moscow, Moscow Gostiny Dvor, III all-Russian open competition and fair “Talent of Russia-2019”. photos…
  • 2019 (winter), Moscow, Stroganov’s Moscow state art-industrial Academy, “PER ASPERA AD ASTRA”
  • 2020 (winter), Moscow, Russian Academy of arts, Artefact Gallery center», the “Moscow state art-industrial Academy. of S. G. Stroganov». International competition “Light your own Star”. photos…
  • 3-8.11.2020-XXIX International Exhibition & Competition of modern art, Moscow, Danilovsky Congress Hall. Art week.
  • 3-8.11.2020 – International Exhibition, Moscow, Danilovsky Congress Hall. Man`s image.
  • 3-8.11.2020 – International festival of portraiture, Moscow, Danilovsky Congress Hall. Art Portrait.
  • November 2020-participation in the California dream exhibition, California, USA.
  • Accepted an invitation to participate in trade shows and sales in the United States starting in March 2021.
  • 15-20.12.2020, International Festival, Seasons, WORLD ART ASSEMBLY, Exhibition Hall of the Eurasian Art Union, Moscow.
  • 22-29.12.2020, International Festival, WORLD ART ASSEMBLY, Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
  • 22-29.12.2020, Seasons in St. Petersburg, Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
  • The artist was invited and participated in the jury at the XXVI International Festival-Competition of Children’s and Youth Creativity “Cup of Russia for Artistic Creativity”, which was held in St. Petersburg in December 2020.
  • 12-17.01.2021, International Exhibition-Contest of animalistic arts:«ZOO ARTS» Exhibition Hall of the Eurasian Art Union, Moscow.
  • January 28 – February 7, 2021, International Exhibition and Fair of Contemporary Art “Talent of Russia”, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.
  • February 2-7, 2021 Participation in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Water World” in St. Petersburg.
  • 9-14 February 2021, ABSTRACTUM. International Contest of Abstract Arts in Moscow & St. Petersburg.
  • 23-28 March 2021, Moscow, Moscow house of artists, Russian Art Award | Premio de arte ruso
  • 18-23 January 2022, St. Petersburg, Exhibition Hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artist, International Exhibition & Competition of Nature Arts “ART SEASONS”
  • 18-23 January 2022, Moscow, Exhibition halls of the Union of Artists of Russia in the Western Wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery, International art project “CREATIVE WEDNESDAY”
  • 28 May 2022, USA, California, Newport Beach. Art-Event.
  • 25-30 April 2023, Russian Art Week, Moscow, Business Center AMBER PLAZA
  • October 2023, Personal exhibition, Hellada Art Gallery, LA California
  • November 2023. Member of the jury of the All-Russian art competition «Young Talent of Russia», Moscow
  • November 2023. Member of the jury of the competition XXIIII International festival «Russian Cup of Art» of Moscow
  • February 2024. Russian Art Show, The Exhibition hall of the Russian Embassy. Turkey, Ankara
  • March 2024. Flower Magic, Art Assembly in India. India, New Delhi
  • March 2024. FLOWER RENDEZVOUS in Beijing, Art Show in China. China, Beijing